Football Freestyle and Panna

About Freestyle

Over the past ten years, Freestyle Football has developed into one of the most entertaining acts in the industry.

Why use freestyle or panna at your event?
Freestyle and panna are perfect for sporting events, opening ceremonies, exhibitions and product launches, as all of our artists can offer interactive demos as well as mix and mingle entertainment.
There is no better way to engage and inspire audiences than with live entertainment that audiences of all ages and nationalities can relate to!

What is freestyle football?
To describe it simply, freestyle football is an art of using all parts of your body to perform tricks with the ball. Freestyle football, or soccer freestyle in the US, gained popularity with the growth of social media and with the brands such as Adidas and Nike hiring freestyle footballers for campaigns.

What is Panna?

Panna or street football / street soccer is similar to freestyle football – but not the same. In Panna you are using your skills and tricks against an opponent, while freestyle football is a show routine.
Street soccer started many years ago in the Netherlands, while today it’s being played all over the world. Many professional players are also using tricks and skills from the street soccer world.

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